Vivian Kingma Banned for Ball Tampering

ICC Bans Netherland Fast Bowler Vivian Kingma for Ball Tampering

The Netherlands have sparked heated debate by tampering with the ball in the last ODI of the three-match series against Afghanistan in Qatar. The match umpire punished the Netherlands in that incident. The International Cricket Council ICC has banned Vivian Kingma for tampering with the ball.

Brendon Glover came to bowl in the 31st over of Afghanistan’s bowling. The Dutch cricketers tampered with the ball while fielding in that over. After this incident, the umpire changed the ball after the 5th ball of the 31st over.

After the incident, two umpires Ahmed Shah Durrani and Ahmed Shah Paktin added five runs to the scoreboard of Afghanistan. The umpires awarded the penalty as punishment for tampering with the Netherlands ball.

According to the rules of the International Cricket Council (ICC), tampering with the ball can be punished immediately by the umpires conducting the match. The Netherlands has been punished according to this rule. The umpire can also change the ball if the ball is tampered with. For this, however, the consent of the captain of the opposing team is required. However, in the absence of the captain, the umpires can change the ball with the consent of the two batsmen on the wicket.

Before this event, Afghanistan won the toss and elected to bat, losing 5 wickets in 50 overs and collecting 254 runs. In reply, the Dutch were bowled out for 169 runs. At this rate, the Netherlands has been whitewashed in the series.

Earlier, the Netherlands lost the first two matches of the series by 36 and 48 runs respectively. Afghanistan are fifth in the points table of the ODI Super League after winning three matches in the series.

The phenomenon of ball tampering on the cricket field is not new. Earlier in 2016, three Australian cricketers, David Warner, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft, were banned for ball tampering. Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Shahid Afridi were also involved in ball tampering.

Australia tampered with the ball against South Africa in 2016. Cricket Australia banned Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft for various reasons. Since then, the phenomenon of ball tampering has disappeared in the world of cricket. However, the Netherlands brought that incident back.

Afghanistan and the Netherlands met in the last ODI of the three-match series on Tuesday (January 25). Vivian Kingma was found guilty of a third-degree offense for distorting the ball in that match.

According to the ICC Code of Conduct, any attempt by a cricketer to distort the ball would be considered a crime. Vivian Kingma has been banned for four matches for this crime. Also 5 demerit points have been added next to his name.

In the 31st over of Afghanistan’s innings, he rubbed the ball with his fingernails for extra advantage. However, the umpires immediately noticed the matter. The umpires then changed the ball with the permission of Afghanistan. 5 runs were added to their innings as penalty.

At the end of the match, the match umpires officially brought charges against Vivian Kingmar. However, a formal hearing was not required as he admitted the allegations. Match referee Wendell La Bruy then announced the punishment.