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ICC to Take Action Against T20 Leagues to Protect Test Cricket

ICC Likely to Take Action Against all the major T20 Franchise Leagues to Protect Test Cricket.

ICC to Take Action Against T20 Leagues to Protect Test Cricket

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to take action against T20 franchise leagues in an effort to prevent Test cricket.

According to the details, the ICC has expressed concern over the players’ preference for franchise cricket over international assignments, and as a result, desires to exert control over the divisions.

In an effort to preserve the integrity of international cricket, the cricket governing body intends to implement a number of adjustments to the franchise divisions.

As a result, the ICC will restrict the number of international players in a team’s Playing XI and require franchisees to pay national boards for each player they sign.

Thus, the ICC will be able to safeguard the interests of various national cricket boards as a result of the reduction in foreign players per side.

Richard Gould, the chief executive officer of the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB), recently expressed concern regarding the rapidly expanding number of franchise divisions.

“The challenge for the ECB and our revenue is that we have so many mouths to feed, whereas franchise tournaments can take the cream of the crop without paying for the players,” Gould told The Final Word last month.

“These models are very effective at returning money to the participants, but they do not finance the pathway. We must finance the pathway. We will always conduct ourselves in this manner. “The secret to long-term success is having a really solid, healthy path,” he continued.

England’s hard-hitting batsman Jason Roy terminated his central contract with the ECB in order to play in the lucrative franchise division Major Cricket Division (MCL) in the United States of America (USA).

Later, in response to the persistent rumors about his departure, Roy issued a statement in which he expressed his desire to continue playing for England for “many more years” and revealed that the ECB has granted him permission to participate in the MLC after “clear and supportive conversations.”

Roy tweeted, “After some unwelcome speculation over the past 24 hours, I wish to clarify that I am not and will never ‘walk away from England.'”

“As a professional cricketer, representing my country continues to be my greatest source of pride. I remain committed to playing for England for many years to come.”



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