England and West Indies Support Ramiz Raja ICC Four-Nation Tournament

England and West Indies Support Ramiz Raja ICC Four-Nation Tournament Proposal: The ICC, the highest governing body of world cricket, holds regular meetings in Dubai. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) president Ramiz Raja will propose to host the four-nation tournament here. And many more boards are responding to that arrangement. This has been reported by various media.

The PCB president has proposed a four-nation tournament with India, Australia, and England. Although no decision has yet been made on the pros and cons of the proposal, countries like the West Indies, England, and Australia are already considering approving it. This has been reported by various cricket-based media.

Organizing a tournament with a team from more than three countries requires the permission of the ICC. And that tournament is recognized as the ICC tournament. This is why the discussion of this tournament has come up in the ICC meeting.

According to the PCB president, the tournament will generate 650 million. This dividend will be shared among other ICC countries. And with this, other countries want to agree to this proposal of Ramiz Raja.

A number of ICC officials present at the meeting said that England, Australia, and the West Indies were in favor of Pakistan’s response. At the meeting, the chief executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said they would discuss the proposal.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not commented on the PCB’s proposal for the four-nation tournament. However, the BCCI had earlier said that the tournament would not be possible due to the busy schedule of international cricket.

Meanwhile, in the midst of international and franchise tournaments, there are doubts about how effective a new tournament will be. Because of the busy schedule of cricket, many countries are following the policy of resting cricketers before important series.