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Ptv Sports
Ptv Sports

Updated working PTV Sports Biss Key has updated, PTV Sports is the only channel in Pakistan which used to watch all sports events like football, cricket, wrestling, hockey and other biggest sports shows.

PTV Sports Biss Key Paksat 2018 is the only way and trick which used to activate ptv sports on Dish with PakSat. Latest Ptv Sports Biss Key is the only trick to watch PTV Sports on your channel.

Paksat 2018 Biss Key of Ptv Sports is really easy way to activate this channel on your TV Box. Ptv sports covered all sports event which are happening around the world.

Ptv is the most widest tv network in Pakistan, there are many ptv networks channels which are included:

  • PTV Home
  • PTV News
  • PTV Global
  • PTV National
  • PTV Sports
  • PTV World
  • PTV Bolan
  • AJK TV
  • PTV Parliament
  • PTV Kids (under launching)
  • PTV Sports 2 (under launching)

All data which you need to activate Ptv Sports on your dish tv set are freely opened here, Latest PTV Sports SID and also the BISS key that you simply will use to activate channel for your TV Set.

Ptv Sports Biss key PakSat 2018

Fewdays back PTV Sports started streaming on AsiaSat, then they move on PakSat and now a day’s we won’t watch Ptv Sports without Biss key. A few months back Ptv Sports working with simple Dish Receiver with a simple biss key.

But now We must have Conax Dish Receiver and Conax key and then we can watch Ptv Sports Live on Satellite.

Ptv Sports Biss key – If you got Simple Receiver then Download Conax Receiver Software from internet and install it and put this Conax key. Then you’ll able to activate Ptv Sports Live Streaming. The following Biss Key and other information you need to put in while subscribing this Tv station for your TV. If you are using a dish for getting the channel from your TV set.

Ptv Sports Biss key

Satellite Name Paksat 38.0 East
Channel Name Ptv Sports
Frequency 4005
Polarity V (Vertical)
Symbol Rate 15555
Ptv Sports Biss key 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC
Ptv Sports Conax key EF 12 78 6C BD A0 34 65 AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA