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Top 5 Best Double Centuries in ODI Cricket History

Best Double Hundreds in ODI Cricket History

It was once a rarity to see a double century in test cricket. Double centuries have been more common in ODIs since the introduction of the T20s. Of course, we all expect to see more double centuries in ODI and Twenty20 Internationals.

Indian opener Rohit Sharma now has the most ODI double century in the record books at the time of this writing. In 2014, he scored 264 runs in an ODI inning against Sri Lanka, setting a new record for the most individual runs scored in an inning. In ODI cricket, these are some of the most memorable double century.


5 Best ODI Cricket Double Centuries


1) Rohit Sharma – 264

This is the highest individual ODI score to date, and it was Rohit Sharma’s second double century at the time. Amazing to believe that an ODI single inning score of 264 was once the norm for a side in international play. Today, any club playing on most pitches would consider this a competitive total. The runs were all Rohit Sharma’s, but that’s not saying much.

Rohit Sharma’s start to the innings was even more shocking, as he only focused on scoring singles. It took him 72 balls to reach his first half-century. After that, he just kept going and going! Following that, the 50s came more rapidly, and the final one required only 15 balls! Indian hopes were bolstered by the sensational innings, which ultimately led to the team’s triumph.


2) Martin Guptill – 237*

This is the second-highest individual score in one-day international cricket at the time of this writing. During the 2015 Cricket World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand, it was also the highest individual ODI World Cup score by any player. Australia was crowned victors of the World Cup at the end of the tournament.

Pakistan had been bowled out for 160 by a powerful West Indies bowling attack before Martin Guptill’s brilliant effort. Guptill made it plain from the start that he was going to go after the bowlers, with the first ball smashed for four. He did, however, get a break when, on the third delivery, he faced an out-chance.

On his way to his first half-century in 64 balls, he got cautious. It took just 37 balls for the next fifty to be made. In the last overs, he took full advantage of the powerplay restrictions, contributing 137 runs. An outstanding ODI inning by any player, but particularly one that was played in a high-stress World Cup match.


3) Virender Sehwag – 219 

In 2011, Virender Sehwag became only the second player in ODI history to score a century and a half. Indore was the site of the match, and Sehwag immediately launched an attack on the West Indies’ offense after the first ball was bowled. Six sixes and 23 fours were part of his double century, which he reached in just 140 balls of play. In his final innings, he scored 219 runs off 149 balls, according to his scorecard.

When India’s cricket team won the world cup for the first time in 28 years in 2011, it was a historic year. India’s double-century milestone also made this series more significant for the country. India had a 2-1 lead over the West Indies in the four-match series at the time of this match. Aside from the fact that MS Dhoni was taking a break from the tour, Sehwag was also the stand-in captain for the game. In those days, openers Sehwag and Gambhir went bowling right away. After just 22 overs, India was 170-0.


4) Sachin Tendulkar 200*

Sachin Tendulkar had previously hit 163 in a 2009 game at Christchurch, New Zealand. The Little Master was expected to score a double century within a year after that innings, and he did. For the series against South Africa, India boasted a top-notch bowling assault. Indian players were confident after their team’s opening victory in the three-game series.

It took Sachin Tendulkar 37 balls to score 50 in the first innings. Slowing down, he formed a long-term partnership with the batter at the time. His second 50 came off of 53 balls. His pace picked up dramatically as soon as he passed the century mark. He went after Dale Steyn, South Africa’s greatest bowler at the time, who ended up handing out 89 runs in his allotted 10 overs without getting a wicket.

Tendulkar hit 25 fours and three sixes in his 147-ball double century. Because this inning had a wide variety of hits, it was one of the most complete innings one could observe. Do not miss this innings for any budding cricketers out there.


5) Rohit Sharma – 208*

For the third time in as many ODIs, he scored a century against Sri Lanka. Astonishingly, it is against the same opponent against whom, three years before, the batsman had scored 264 runs. There were 13 fours and 12 sixes in 153 balls in this knock. The second hundred in this innings was achieved in a solitary over. Like his last 264-ball inning, he got off to a slow start this time as well, scoring his first half-century in 65 balls.

His second half-century came in just 50 balls as his speed picked up. More than 100 runs came from Rohit Shamra alone in the final overs of the game. Nuwan Pradeep, who bowled two overs and was struck for 33 runs, was one of the bowlers who took the brunt of his vengeance.

These are some of the greatest ODI double centuries in history… In addition, there have been many other double centuries, thus this list is not complete. A record ODI innings total of 400 is now considered normal, and we can expect more players to smash records in the future as the game becomes faster.



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