Best Cricket Bats in The World

10 Best Cricket Bats in the World

Cricket is a gentleman’s sport, and the players are fastidious about every aspect of the game. Ball and bat are the essential elements of cricket. Here is a list of the best cricket bats in the world used by legendary cricketers.

There are several factors at play when it comes to optimal performance. Based on his strength, playing style, and physical requirements, each player selects the bat that best meets his needs. Nonetheless, there are several types of cricket bats. Let us examine the world’s top ten cricket bats used by famous cricketers.


  1. Kookaburra Pace PRO

Ironically, the list began with a Kookaburra and the Pace PRO is one of the brand’s premium bats. In addition, it is crafted from hand-selected English willow of the greatest quality, which is naturally air-dried after being collected. Surprisingly, although having an enormous profile, the bat is remarkably light. It has a handmade design and an optimal ratio of power pickups.

This bat is designed specifically for modern hitters. Its dynamic power-shaped face facilitates the execution of explosive stroke play. The bat features a Sarawak cane handle and a Large Edge Square edge shape. Yet, this bat’s feather-light pick-up assures its versatility.

  • Used by Cricketers: Brad Hodge, Brad Haddin, Simon Katich, and Matthew Wade.


  1. Spartan CG Authority

The Spartan CG Authority is one of the top bats used by cricket players worldwide. In addition, this bat has been built to withstand even the most explosive power of the strongest hitters. It has been designed to be ideal for the aggressive style of contemporary cricket. It features a large sweet spot and extremely thick borders.

The bat is constructed from Super Grade I English willow and features a mid-profile and full spine. The handle is composed of cane and rubber, and it offers excellent flexibility, control, and strength. It features a flat face that is curved. It compliments Chris Gayle’s maximal striking power because it was created with his batting style in mind.

  • Used by Cricketers: Chris Gayle, Michael Clarke, and Matt Prior.


  1. Reebok Centurian

Reebok is a well-known manufacturer of sports equipment, and its range of bats is of the highest quality. The Centurian is regarded as one of Reebok’s premier cricket bats. The bat has been created in a conventional manner with a bulky body, yet its pick-up is surprisingly light. Reebok combines the knowledge of the top designers with the most advanced bat technology to create this bat.

The strong edges and Grade I English willow construction of the Sarawak cane handle maximize stress absorption and performance. Reebok Centurian is manufactured by specialists for athletes. Hence, it provides the ideal ratio of power to balance that heavy hitters require. This bat deserves to be mentioned among the world’s greatest cricket bats.

  • Used by Cricketers: MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, and Sanath Jayasuriya.


  1. SS Ton Gladiator

Sunridges is among the earliest manufacturers of cricket bats in India. It is well-known and well-liked among native players, but international cricketers also seek out its products. The SS Ton Gladiator is a highly sought-after bat due to its exceptional power, balance, and impact. Gladiator is now ranked fourth on our list of the world’s greatest cricket bats.

It is crafted from hand-selected super-grade I English willow, and its handle is crafted from a Sarawak combination cane, which increases power striking and shock absorption. The rounded edges are intended to assist the most aggressive players. Due to the fact that it is designed for professional cricket players, the price of this bat is rather high.

  • Used by Cricketers: Kieron Pollard, Kumar Sangakkara, Shikhar Dhawan, and Dinesh Karthik.


  1. Puma Evopower

Puma is another sports equipment manufacturer that has widespread popularity among athletes of many sports. The Puma Evopower cricket bat is among the best available. It is composed of grade one unbleached English willow. The willow is harvested based on its precise weight, performance, and grain structure.

The higher and more powerful swell improves high-speed hitting power, coupled with precision, control, and balanced pickup, without compromising the high impact of power-hitting, which is enhanced by the vast striking zone. In addition, its handle is crafted from Puma-specific cane. This bat’s redesigned short handle offers optimum hitting power at the plate.

  • Used by Cricketers: Brendon McCullum, Yuvraj Singh, Marlon Samuels, and Adam Gilchrist.


  1. Sanspareils Greenlands Savage Xtreme

SG, or Sanspareils Greenlands, is the largest maker of cricketing equipment in the world. It is also the leading cricket gear manufacturer in India. SG’s R&D team is comprised of prominent first-class and international cricketers who offer useful input so that the gears may be upgraded properly. This business has just released a bat with a moderate bulge, making it excellent for improvising players.

The blade of the SG Savage Xtreme is crafted from English willow of the highest quality, while the handle is crafted from imported Sarawak cane of the highest quality, which optimizes control and power. It features a conventional form and design that enhances optimal stability during shots. Savage Xtreme is now ranked sixth on our list of the world’s top cricket bats.

  • Used by Cricketers: Suresh Raina, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, and Wasim Jaffer.


  1. Gunn & Moore Icon

Gunn & Moore retains a crew of top artisans who work with prime English Willow to develop and produce cricket bats in the factories that are possibly the most technologically equipped in the business. GM is the only brand capable of combining cutting-edge DXM technology with 125 years of expertise in cricket bat manufacturing. GM Icon is crafted from cutting-edge materials and features an unmatched design.

It has a remarkably light pick-up and focused power. It has enormous edges and a flattened face. This bat also established its way as one of the top unbleached seasoned bats that you can have in 2023. It is entirely handcrafted in England, which also guarantees its high quality. This bat merits its position among the world’s finest cricket bats.

  • Used by Cricketers: Shane Watson, Ross Taylor, Jonathan Trot, and Alex Hales.


  1. Gray Nicolls Kaboom

Gray-Nicolls, a manufacturer of some of the greatest bats in the industry, has begun using colored bat labels. The Gray-Nicolls Kaboom features the most advanced bat technology and is of the greatest quality. The company has struck the ideal balance between history and innovation, and the result can be seen in this one-of-a-kind cricket equipment.

It is capable of performing at all levels because of its excellent balance, lightweight take-up, and thick edge. These bats are hand-finished and extensively tested by professionals like Australian superstar David Warner. And it was designed to play effectively in cricket’s shorter formats. This bat merits the eighth spot in our list of the world’s best cricket bats.

  • Used by Cricketers: Alastair Cook, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, David Warner, and Cameron White.


  1. Adidas Libro 5.0

Adidas is a well-known brand in international sports for its extensive selection of footwear, luggage, and jerseys. Moreover, it produces cricket bats. The Libro 5.0 is one of the most popular cricket bats on the international market. It is intended for batters with the strength to engage in aggressive play. It features a remarkable profile that glides through the expanded bow and center, with superb uptake and balance thanks to its strong edges.

This is one of the most attractive bats, made from English willow and featuring a sculpted shoulder. It has a moderate sweet spot that appears to be optimal for balanced ground strokes. This bat now contains distinctive visuals that make it visually appealing. Libro is now ranked tenth on our list of the world’s greatest cricket bats.

  • Used by Cricketers: Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Kevin Pietersen, and Sachin Tendulkar.


  1. Kookaburra Kahuna

Kookaburra is a cricket batmaker that is well-known by all cricketers throughout the world. It boasts a variety of bats, and the Kahuna is sometimes regarded as the greatest. It has a clean striking area with straight, evenly-spaced grains, which provides maximum impact. Its precise design and square face, as well as its edge thickness and sweet bow, aid in producing excellent strokes.

The Kookaburra Kahuna is without a doubt among the greatest due to its blade crafted from the finest Kashmiri willow and its grip constructed from 12-piece round Sarawak cane. It also contains a toe guard that is perfect for absorbing sweat. Due to its shot-making ability, this bat gets the tenth spot in our list of the greatest cricketing bat in the world.

  • Used by Cricketers: Ricky Ponting, Martin Guptill, and AB De Villiers.



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