Alternative Decision Review System ADRS To be Used in BPL 2022

Alternative Decision Review System ADRS To be Used in BPL 2022

There has been a heated debate over umpiring in the Dhaka edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). After that, the BPL Governing Council has considered the option of Decision Review System (DRS). In continuation of this, Alternative Decision Review System ADRS will be used in BPL 2022 live Stream from the beginning of Chittagong episode.

Like DRS, any team can take a maximum of two reviews per team. Each team will have 15 seconds to review. However, ADRS will be effective not only for catch but also for leg before out.

There is no ball tracking technology in BPL as there is no DRS. This is why ball tracking technology will be replaced by ‘Shaded Area’. There you will understand where the ball is pitched and where the impact is.

Since there is no ball tracking, the TV umpire will make a clear picture of the position and direction of the ball. The whole thing will depend on the decision of the third umpire.

Also, whether the ball hits the bat or the pad will be decided by considering the compatibility of the video with the sound of the microphone as there is no snicometer or ultra edge. The whole ADRS thing depends on the third umpire.

The BPL Governing Council, Playing Control Team and Production Team met with the team managers, coaches and captains on Wednesday (January 26). The decision to use ADRS came from their joint discussion. It was later added to the playing conditions of the tournament.


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