ACC To Face Financial Loss if PAK vs IND Asia Cup 2023 is Canceled

ACC To Face Huge Financial Loss if PAK vs IND Asia Cup 2023 Match is Canceled 

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) expects a significant financial loss if the PAK vs IND match is canceled in Asia Cup 2023. In addition, networks wanting to acquire broadcasting rights may have to hear a tough warning, according to the ACC.

After it was agreed that Pakistan will host the 2023 Asia Cup, India expressed opposition. For quite some time, the board leaders of the two nations have been in conflict. The ACC risks suffering losses in this battle. As planned, the Asia Cup is slated to begin on September 9. Unfortunately, the recipient of the media rights has not yet been chosen.

Jai Shah, secretary of the Indian Cricket Board, has already informed the Asian Cricket Council that if the Asia Cup is hosted in Pakistan, the Indian team will not compete. The official proposed that the game be played in the UAE instead of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, India and Pakistan are slated to play at least two matches in the Asia Cup. If these games do not take place, the ACC will incur a substantial financial loss. In addition, if the matches are not played, the networks who wish to purchase the rights can place the blame for their losses on the Asian Cricket Council.



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